Meet Your Barista – Hannah McQueen

Meet Hannah McQueen- a newer addition to our#ristrettoroasters family. Currently on repeat in her iTunes: “Once” by Laura Marling. Should you need to bribe Hannah, go with gluten-free peach blackberry pie, but we’ve been told she will accept cake. She can be found most days of the week at our Nicolai location, making a mean pour-over cup of Colombia. Her favorite book: Jane Eyre. Her inner beast, a Vulcan. She is excellent.

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Thursday Night Throwdown North West to be hosted at our NW Nicolai Location



Ristretto Roasters is proud to be hosting this month’s Thursday Night Throwdown North West- a latte art competition free and open to the public. Taking place on February 26th at our NW Nicolai location; stop by to compete or cheer for your favorite pour. Doors at 7pm, competition starts at 7:30pm. Many thanks to our sponsors Espresso Parts and Baratza Grinders.




It’s here, and it’s spectacular. Medium body, high acidity, with notes of coriander, Georgia peach and chocolate souffle. $18 for the 12-ounce bag, available here and at all RR cafes.

Photo by Zane Spang © 2015

Meet Your Barista – Josh Kermiet

Meet Josh Kermiet, a Scorpio with an affinity for nachos and tropical vacations. He has been a part of the #ristrettoroasters family for 3 years and he’s a top notch barista. His favorite color is salmon, his inner beast is a goat, and you can find him at both our Nicolai and Williams cafes. When he’s not pulling killer shots he’s editing Free Spirit News ( or djing his weekly radio show “Melted Radio” on #josh #pdxcoffee #baristas @jkermiet

Photo by Zane Spang © 2015

Meet Your Roaster

This is Josh Gibby. Josh has been working with Ristretto Roasters since 2006, when he showed up early one morning and hung out with Din as he roasted coffee. Josh kept hanging out, two hours every morning before he worked a full-time construction job. Nine months later, Din said something along the lines of, “Want to get on the machine?” Josh has been roasting with RR ever since. That cup of Beaumont or Cowboy or Nicaragua you love? That’s Josh’s work.

Josh Gibby: Ristretto Roasters


Made Here Rules

We love Made Here, which just opened in the old Powell’s Technical Bookstore in the Pearl. Like the name says, everything here is “designed, built, branded, crafted” in Portland, bicycles, leather goods, earrings, canoes, cast-iron pans so solid you could use them as an anchor, chocolate, stationary, Ristretto coffee. Go finish your Christmas shopping, will you?

40 NW 10th Avenue, Portland

Photo by Zane Spang/Sure Dude © 2014

Photo by Zane Spang/Sure Dude © 2014

Photo by Zane Spang/Sure Dude © 2014

Photo by Zane Spang/Sure Dude © 2014


Saturday, 12/20 – Nicolai cafe, 9-10am: Pour over brew demo – participants get 10% off purchase of beans

Sunday, 12/21 – Couch cafe: Free steam punk coffee with purchase of beans

Sunday, 12/21 – Williams cafe, 1:30pm: Brew demo – participants get 10% off purchase of beans

SWAG IT UP! All cafes through Christmas: Free drink with purchase of hats, t-shirts and mugs

Photo by Zane Spang/Sure Dude © 2014

RR Holiday Gift Pack

We couldn’t catch any reindeer but we’ve hitched up our buRRo mascot to get you and yours a $25 holiday gift pack: one 12-ounce bag of Beaumont Blend, one baby burro mug, and a bar of Pitch Dark single-origin chocolate, all packed up and ready to give (or enjoy).