Ristretto Roasters produces handcrafted coffees roasted in small batches. All coffees are sourced by owner/roaster Din Johnson. We specialize in a medium roast, taking each coffee varietal to its peak of individual perfection—a Panama Honeyed does not have the same flavor profile as an Ethiopia Harar, so no reason to roast them the same.

Our roster of single-origin coffees is always changing, with the seasons, with what the farmers we work with are growing, with what our crew is loving now. Enjoyed the Guatemala Huehuetanengo you drank last month—with its aroma of crème brulee, and notes of cocoa, tamarind and spice—but don’t see it on offer today? Try the Guatemala Finca Bourbon: full-bodied and juicy, a mouthful of dark chocolate with a black-cherry finish. Or head to Sumatra, for the Lintong, with its scent of honey, and ripe strawberry, brown sugar and grape juice in the cup.

Din Johnson Ristretto Roasters

We roast coffee every day at our roastery in Northeast Portland, near the Rose Quarter. Our coffees are delivered and shipped promptly, supplying our three retail locations, dozens of wholesale cafes, restaurants, local markets, New Seasons, and our mail-order customers around the world. Fresh coffee is great coffee. And while we won’t come to your house and make sure you drink it within the week, we would love it if you did. We will be roasting more.

What else happens at the roastery, besides Din and roaster Josh Gibby manning the vintage UG-22 Probat roaster, and David Chase and Mike Washburn keeping our deliveries on target, and Hank Williams and Jesus Lizard playing on the sound-system? We cup coffees on two granite cupping tables we brought back from a sourcing trip to Brazil, and brush-up on our barista skills, and train our wholesale customers, and have a beer at the end of the day. Interested in checking out the roastery? That’s easy: ask.

Josh Gibby Ristretto Roasters